David Ogilvy on Direct Response Marketing

propodder.com What David Olgivy had to say about Direct Response Marketing in 1985 is more profound today. If you are an internet marketing, take heed in his words. I saw this video featured recently on a CopyBlogger blog post. It was in horrendous condition — extreme green cast and the audio was horrible. Now, I’m no video whiz but I was able to somewhat balance the cast. I did run the audio through a cleaner and got it a little more listenable. What he has to say is important
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  1. HTBII says:

    Ogilvy is so? so badass.

  2. socratessks says:

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  3. sincbox says:

    Very prophetic? indeed. Wise words from 26 years ago that are just as true today.

  4. dracarlos says:


  5. TheBGDGroup says:

    Great ADVICE? Thats Needed for Online Businesses.

  6. stickysound says:

    WOW! You’ve done an amazing job. Thank? you for sharing.

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