Create A Membership Site With WordPress – Part 1.flv

How to create a membership site with wordpress using only free plugins. This video is part 1 of 4, that details the step by step process of how you can set up your membership site with wordpress. 1) Using Your Cpanel. 2) Creating SQL database. 3) Installing wordpress. 4) using FTP. For more internet marketing tips and guide, claim your free membership at www.dotcommembership.com.
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  1. MembershipSitesPeng says:

    The information very detailed. You left nothing out and it was really helpful.
    I recommend this? video/tutorial for anyone who wants to build a membership site but don’t want to spend money.

  2. Ernest Watson says:

    lots of? work…..but I can do it

  3. skoko10 says:

    WordPress Membership? Plugin


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