Computer Tip 3 – How to add a Favicon on Weebly for your Free Site – HD

This is the third episode of the Computer Tips Series. I did say that I would make a Tutorial on this, but No-one is Requesting!!!! The next episode is how to Password Protect pages on, well, Weebly. I hope this helped, more Episodes are coming soon, so Subscribe, Comment, Rate and REQUEST!!! Code: ntprograms.weebly.com


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  1. TheAssassinTom says:

    Doesn’t work anymore D:

  2. AllTimeLowBigFan says:

    Thank you So Much I’ve Been? Trying To find This On the Web Thanks So much

  3. Gauravjain110 says:

    Thanks? It’s Workking

  4. RobstenLustWeb says:

    This is awesome! Thanks? 😀

  5. RedBird1997 says:

    hello.. my hearder code has my meta tag code!! is? there another way to do this?

  6. OfficialKevlarGames says:

    COOL! THX all? your videos a legit

  7. Pokerocker123 says:

    sure, but do you mean a flash video header or flash? slideshow with cool affects?

  8. cerebrll says:

    hey pls do a video on how to make a flash header in weebly , and also how to upload html? templates to weebly

  9. abhanan93 says:

    it works

  10. otgoujpo says:

    It? works Thanks

  11. boySomebody98 says:

    Cool vid?

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