Closing the Sale – Tips and Techniques

Closing the Sale – Tips and Techniques

Article by Wendy Scheels

Closing the sale is probably the most difficult aspect of selling. It can be the most stressful and uncomfortable part of the job.

From the very beginning of the sale the customer needs to understand that your ultimate goal is to help them decide to buy a product or service. As the sale continues, your job is to build a relationship and make available to them the information they need to make a decision.

As the customer gets closer to making a decision they will start to show signs that they are just about ready to make a decision. They do this by asking specific questions. For example, they may ask you if a juice product comes in different flavors. Do not answer the question with a simple yes or no. Answer by asking a question such as, “What flavor are you looking for?” At this point, you can ask the customer if they have made a decision. There are customers who do not make the final decision because they were not asked specifically for a decision. One of the ways to get the final decision is to give them a choice such as, “Would you like 2 gallons of juice at a gallon delivered next week?” This way the customer knows what terms they have agreed to.

Be ready for a few doubts the customer may still have. Try to put yourself in their shoes and be ready to meet your customer’s hesitancy with answers that strengthens what you have been showing them up to this point and confirms that your product is the product they have been looking for.

Would you be surprised to learn that 80% of buyers are better at selling than the person doing the selling? After you have made your presentation, which probably took a considerable amount of time, after you have convinced them that you have the best product at the best price, the customer has sold you the stall. The stall is an excuse like, “I’ll think it over,” or “I’ll get back to you.” At the end, you knew it was coming, but you had no way around buying the customer’s “stall.”

Buyers today are great sellers. Buyers know that with the economy as bad as it is, it is a buyers’ market. They just do not buy because you spent time with them showing them your products.

Even the strongest of sellers can feel defeated after the rejections and aggravations that go with losing a lead. This is especially difficult when the “I’ll think it over,” should have been a sale.

Today’s new breed of buyers are well educated and experienced in handling sellers. Today’s consumer has access to the internet, newspaper articles and consumer reports. Today’s buyer has the opportunity check out products and services to make sure they are getting the best deal.

What should you, the seller, do about the super buyer? Most sellers do nothing to learn how to handle the super buyer. These sellers will blame their low conversions on other things, such as the economy, the weather, or anything else so they have excuses not to make the sale. The top sellers, on the other hand, search for information, listen and observe. They are constantly learning how to approach people, build relationships and find out what the consumer is looking for so they can provide the answers. By continuously learning about people, the top earners are going to be consistently closing the sale.

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