Cheetos Construction Commercial – Ad Marketing Strategy for Marketing Consulting Branding Campaign

Read how emotional marketing is used to create strong customer connections at the emotional marketing blog at: 602communications.com Cheetos has carefully mapped the most intimate emotional motivators in the lives of their best customers – teen and 20 somethings. The irrational feelings that surround impending adulthood are the foundation of this brand. The actual chip is just a prop. This Cheetos ad showcases the best of high school angst all over again. The Cheetos cheetah parties with the cool kids and snubs the nerd wannabe.


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  1. SEABRISKET1 says:

    He was not invited, but he eventually? got the drift

  2. GeneGL2814 says:

    This commercial reminds me of? the village people.

  3. kayla006ful says:

    hello, only contact me? if you looking to make a change in financially of business opptys pls email me ladyceeinc@yahoo.com money talks and bs walks

  4. TheMissRenne says:

    I am going as the guys? for Halloween:)

  5. acer3573 says:


  6. ikoojlip1 says:

    Totally Loved this!?

  7. Derpfuck says:

    Lovin the pelvic? thrust

  8. shonhubble says:

    All I gotta say is? from :21 on it don’t look like? he’s dancing lol

  9. seamus49 says:

    Wow,? high as fuck…..

  10. takylasmith says:

    Ditto Nate?

  11. mikeymikemike88 says:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha thats? some funny shit

  12. soyactriz92 says:

    this makes me laugh sooooooo hard!!!!! idk why! i just start? rolling every time that music goes on lol

  13. Nate2764 says:

    I laugh every time I hear that music hit, yet I haven’t? purchased a bag of Cheetos in quite some time nor do I have any craving for them after viewing the commercial. Guess every rule has an exception.

  14. Skate4LiFEfour2zero says:

    thats funny?

  15. MrGamerman001 says:

    i watched this for the first? time when i was high as fuck and actually pissed myself laughing…. nuff said.

  16. Ncogniigro says:

    @tmvrocks The name of the song is “The? Hit” By Richard Myhill

  17. mamasorus says:

    LMFAO. I forwarded this? to my bf and recommended he treat this guy Brian he works with like this because he doesn’t do his share of work. Another commercial I find funny as f*ck is the WOW one where the chick says,”I said diamonds motherf*cker” love it!

  18. stumpbuzzr says:

    I? don’t know why but I love this commercial

  19. tmvrocks says:

    I want that song?

  20. smellychilly says:

    best ad. ever…? love it..

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