Candle Business Tips : Door to Door Marketing

Welcome to www.candlebusinesstips.com, Candle Business Coach Alethea Anderson shares some tips on marketing your product door to door in your neighborhood.


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  1. Jennifer Chen says:

    Thanks, I love? your video!

  2. Carl Wolfgang Schultz says:

    great video makes me wanna go out there and door to door? sale!

  3. aletheaanderson says:

    @daylgn – yes… I? saw that LOL. I admit I’m not perfect 🙂

  4. aletheaanderson says:

    Hello @ayour060 – the only barrier is your confidence! Let the scents do the talking 🙂 If you are going door to door (make sure this is allowed where you live as some areas require a peddler’s permit) – simply introduce yourself as? a neighbor and the local ‘candle lady’ wanting to come by and say hello! Offer a scent sample or a tea light to try in exchange for their name, phone # and email address. Be sure to follow up!

  5. Mustapha Sadqi says:

    thank you very much! i am actually new seller and i hope ill inspire from ur video! dont you think the language bariere could be a problem,
    my english isnt bad though, but i mean do u have any good tips or the easier way to? make the first conversation go on?

  6. aletheaanderson says:

    Mhy? pleasure @mayazereh , thanks for watching!

  7. mayazareh says:


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