Call Of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Glitch Tutorial Ps3

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  1. Warlocx1 says:

    PS3 FAILZ,GET HACKED AGAIN GUYZ! WOOT! Fuckin idiots,play xbox

  2. MrColombian77 says:

    add me MrColombian77

  3. nickwilliamcraig says:


  4. mnfingerboards says:

    Add me I’m bubbagump990

  5. SuperMrDK says:

    Stil works?

  6. anonymoo23 says:

    Naw this doesn’t work anymore got to 50 in five hours tried it with my friend, doesn’t work for shit as soon as he switches to combat training the playercard menu closes

  7. ivandeya says:

    hey add me i did every thing coolps

  8. MrDarkwolfX says:

    ADD ME MY NAME IS “xGangsta_kittyx”

  9. Shaggy2fukndope says:

    i subbed and my computer is old and even if i do survey i dont get download plz add psn shaggy2fukndope and invite me

  10. ZzQUiiCKSCOPEZzZ says:


  11. TheNextGreatest2 says:

    Psn: dnoishere

  12. ChromeSniper987 says:

    yehh its patched 🙁

  13. jefferymazzaball says:

    is this patched?

  14. al3xmart1n says:

    Psn – xFl_Pr3dator add plz

  15. younghaze300 says:

    Dont work

  16. thekillernextdoor69 says:

    still work?

  17. Paradise77184 says:

    psn rpx_paradise-77 plz

  18. iShakeBabiez says:

    does this still work? if so add ishakebabiez on ps3 please!

  19. OGKUSHMX says:


  20. m33jay says:

    ADD PSN Skaterchu-habbo

  21. JRL121212 says:

    i rated and subbed!
    add me psn JRL-12

  22. zacgratton95 says:

    psn is Vx_C-O-D_vEtErAn

  23. TheHolyIVIODz says:

    psn MvPBrOoKlYn

  24. krude28 says:

    doesn’t work anymore

  25. krude28 says:

    can’t u get banned or reset?

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