BOXING MOTIVATION – The Best Of Roy Jones Jr – AWESOME Highlights

Connect with me on Facebook: bit.ly In this video you will see some of Roy Jones Jr’s greatest fights. I don’t think you can say that anything isn’t possible after watching this! This video fan video re-post andinspires me to keep my thoughts focused on providing for my family. It also reminds me that I have the power to control what happens in my life (to a point). I think so much of this video, I am posting it to my Youtube channel. I use videos like this to motivate me to build my home based business. Looking to make some extra money from home? Take a look: numis1.com Have any questions? Give me a call! Chris Smith (513) 266-8005 twitter.com Related Content: Chris Smith, Chris Smith Blog, chrissmithblog, Roy Jones Jr, Roy Jones, Boxing, Highlights, Fighting, Boxing Training, Punching, Self Talk, Positive Self Talk, Personal Development, Self Help, Getting Better, Trying Hard, Attitude, Emotion, Work From Home, Motion, Working From Home, Motivation, Focus, Daily Focus, Inspiration, MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Online Marketing

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