Boo !.. Mohajah…! Chuck…! Breaking it down at Branchbrook..!

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  1. homebizsucess says:

    SM chuck, your one the best out there…. tons of professional movies and music videos. your the top ruler..! many of us at the top are keeping a eye on you.. skate Master C.. keep it up.. can’t wait to see your next top video. hope P. Diddy. JZ or beyonce see U. you deserve? international exposure. cheers.!!

  2. mcneilall says:

    7:23-7:28 too funny! esp. when u? watch the guys on the right!

    nothing but skate love! how it always should be

    great vid

  3. buggeazy102 says:


  4. teiaperigosa says:

    cat never forget to hit the? ill top rock. seen a sick vid of him and his brothers on MNN (manhattan neighborhood network) Keep Skating Alive

  5. dadragon0813 says:

    Shout To All My NY Brothers Boo, Mahaji, Chuck, And Blade!!!! Dem North Kings,.
    From POOH? VA/NY

  6. GILLYHOM says:

    the lesson is dance and enjoy..is? it not Boo?

  7. showncross says:

    What I love about Boo and Mohaja is they are both real down to earth cats. I see mad people with big ego’s that can’t skate a bit.? But I have mad love for my NY brothers.

  8. buggeazy102 says:

    i went? right after that when they had the speakers in the middle of the rink…do you rember every first sat. they had 12 to 12 skate?

  9. waffleface says:

    ….I hear u…i suppose u remember when twin city had an organ. Before the creation of 2 turn tables. That was back in the early? 70’s. I must have been like 7 years old when I rolled at twin city

  10. waffleface says:

    whaaaa…did someone edit this…I don’t recall? chuck parts lol..

  11. BFunkphenomenon says:

    Great footage! What’s the name of the song? this video starts with? And the song starting at 3:37, please anyone? Great dancing!

  12. buggeazy102 says:

    hey man im from the twin city area? maybe befor you was born but these guys are great just like they dont even have skates on great skate

  13. waffleface says:

    both these guys are friends and if you know Boo hes into friendly battles but when they travel to different rinks they are a team. Nobody can touch these crews..just to talented? and I hope the next generation learns from skate masters like all of us

  14. missrollxx says:

    breathtaking smoothness…..lots of? love from the only dance skater from duesseldorf-germany!
    wish u guys were here!!

  15. Wroussel8365 says:

    takin notes!?

  16. freshfunkysal says:

    Jus lovin’ this 🙂 SK8 Love from? UK

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