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RapidVideoBlogging.com Recently I had to fly over to New Zealand because of the floods here in Brisbane Australia. And on my trip, I came to realize a number of really cool things about topic selection for your blog or video blog. Today’s video is more of a “work in progress” kind of idea, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so make sure you leave a comment. Talk soon! Gideon Shalwick PS Don’t forget to download your FREE copy of my Rapid Video Blogging report at RapidVideoBlogging.com Visit My Video Marketing Blog GideonShalwick.com Join My FaceBook Fan Page FaceBook.com Join Me On Twitter: Twitter.com
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  1. mescience7 says:

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  2. Reg Gupton says:

    I was sitting in Starbuck’s with a latte watching? your videos. I believe in acknowledging good work by others. You would be one of these folks.

  3. GideonShalwick says:

    you’re implementing the commenting strategy really well Reg!? Great to see!

  4. Reg Gupton says:

    Thanks for your clear explanation of the “long tail” which I have heard about and your so? eloquently explain.

    You are the best,

    Reg Gupton

  5. jaisonmathewbaby says:

    Don’t you think that long tail is difficult to target. The Long tail will have everything which doesn’t belong to the mainstream, which is just about anything. ?

  6. postaldude66 says:

    I find long tail keywords by doing the following:

    Open my Google Analytics to the dashboard > Click Traffic Sources > Keywords

    This brings a list of all the keywords that gained entrance to your site. You can then sort this data by “Bounce rate” “Conversion Rate” Or Revenue in $ terms (If you have E-commerce tracking on your Google Analytics.This gives you strong information about the behaviour of the? readers who enter those keywords.

  7. postaldude66 says:

    Gideon you are absolutely right!

    When choosing keywords for my small nieche business long tail keywords do not represent a large enough slice of readers. However, on some of the most “main stream” keywords in my small nieche topic can be competitive.

    The challenge for me has been finding keywords? which represent a balance between the two. I would love to see content about SEO for “Long tail” topic businesses as this is ongoing challenge with little to no information out there.

  8. RoslynRajasingam says:

    Thank you Gideopn? for this enlightnening explanation about long tail keywords. It certainly makes sense.

  9. Deccansoft123 says:

    Moreover, there generally exists? a keyword limit so that is another bottleneck in this approach 🙁

  10. Deccansoft123 says:

    Great video! I’d surely try something related to this. At the first sight, all of it makes sense though.
    I wonder if there is some way to find those long tail keywords like? adwords would provide us for the main stream/most competitive keywords?

  11. liuxiangv says:

    Welcom? to Point Talk
    A family forum talking about making money online.

  12. D. Michael Schuett says:

    Gideon, love your stuff, but you lost me on this video.?

  13. GideonShalwick says:

    great idea to run some trials and then to report back on it here. Actually I have already done that quite a bit. Eg… search? for “blog topics that make money” on google. At the time of this video, I get two results on page 1 of google. So, this strategy works. Those terms get less traffic than say “make money online”, but they are less competitive. So, I just need to target more of these kinds of long tail keyword terms.

  14. SeasonedCareerChange says:

    I really love your thinking and how you seem to always trying to improve and analyze the world around? you. Using a parabolic graph to represent markets and the infinite choices on the internet is fantastic.

    I think your theory is correct . I think putting it to some subjects and testing it would be really interesting to see.

    Put some examples to your use of the “long tail” and see where you think it would land. I started blogging in job search. Where would it fall?

  15. Menelorn says:

    While writing might not be too bad of a general market, writing M/M erotica is definitely on the ‘long tail’, and that’s my profession & market. My problem with this concept is finding what exactly the blog would focus on topic-wise to get the ratings you’re talking about. When you’re already far down that? first ‘long tail’, I think having a super-focus on one aspect of your market could actually be detrimental (being at the ‘long tail’ of a ‘long tail’, like you said).

  16. GideonShalwick says:

    Sounds like those numbers are worth? testing Tim 🙂 But they do seem about right (although I do not claim to be an SEO expert…)

    Gideon Shalwick

  17. GideonShalwick says:

    Thanks! Much appreciate your kind words!

    Gideon? Shalwick

  18. GideonShalwick says:

    I am planning to? relaunch Rapid Video Blogging within the next few months. But if you’re keen, please send me an email to support [at] rapidvideoblogging DOOOT COM and we can see if there are any spots open.

    Gideon Shalwick

  19. timcoweb says:

    I’m not sure if I’m grasping the theory fully, but it seems to be a relationship between competition and maybe local monthly searches as researched on the google keyword tool. To simplify it my me, I’m hearing that a competition rating of 5 or below with a local monthly search of? maybe 5,000 or greater?

  20. ellenlsutherland says:

    I got? your rapid video blogging report and found it clear, concise and masterful… thank you for your generosity. We are in a more or less long-tail niche (non-denominational spirituality), and many of the keywords we hope to claim are not really that long. I was already vaguely thinking of it in the way you describe, but without the graphic description you provided, which helps create a focus. Keep up the good work Gideon, glad you came out of the flood alright!

  21. ThisJustZen says:

    Hi Gideon. Glad you and the fam are? ok after the floods. I will test your theory out. Although my niche of “Happy News” gets a lot of hits in search results…it is truly long tail. Thanks for the video.

  22. WayneTully1 says:

    This is an interesting video and essentially what you are saying is to keep the mainstream topics in your mind, but also focus? more on the long tail topics to really drill down and retain extra traffic from those smaller focused topics….

    You described this very well on video…cheers!

  23. napoli1024 says:

    This was very helpful and timely, as I am researching more long tail kw for a specific? niche blog.

  24. johannesguitarist says:

    Very helpful video with tricks and tips I haven’t heard before!


  25. Frilleon says:

    One of your best overall YT? videos, Gideon. Very well done.

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