Basic Set up of a Blogger Blog Part 2 of 2

This video by the ICE Marketing Group, LLC goes over how to set up a blog using the Google Blogger system. This is part two of two.
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  1. downloadf6456 says:

    Get an professional and easy to-use Blogger blog :

  2. allappleproductseg says:

    @marketingice do i must? have a webpage or Facebook account or ………….?

  3. dcdweerawardhana says:

    Hey there! Have you thought about? the intellectus money maker (google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate made a lot of money it.

  4. emadla12 says:

    i enjpyed the tutorial since i am a new bloger

  5. DFMaster99 says:

    Thank you for the “Link? List” tip, I needed that 🙂

  6. heartsongwriter says:

    Thanks for? all your great tutorials

  7. Strawberrysld says:

    do i have to pay? to post the blogger, how would everyone see that do I have to have a web site first, I am new at this

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