Banners Broker – proof of 500% earnings in 2 weeks! – part 2

www.bannersbroker.com Proof of 500% earnings in 2 weeks!


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  1. Annegrete Krings says:

    BannersBroker IS the real stuff yes. I am making money and so are thousand? of others as well 🙂
    I am in Skype groups if you need help. Let me know and ad me on Skype if you want. My Skype ID is annegretekrings1

  2. Annegrete Krings says:

    What then cause the? panels needs traffic!

  3. Annegrete Krings says:

    You are right, their support has been very lousy. However last week I wrote another support ticket and had an answer already next day.
    In every new business people have to understand that it takes time to have? everything up and running and so it has been with BB.
    They are working perfectly now and I have had payouts.
    Maybe if you tried again and had a little understanding and more patiense then you would succeed.
    If you need help I am in Skype groups where it is all about helping each other.

  4. Annegrete Krings says:

    And obviously you have no clue what you are talking about….Envy is a sad thing. When you can’t find anyone to? support your stuff do you really think you find anyone by acting like this….Forget it…. Bannersbroker is working and is making people rich….. Including me!

  5. MrJblack40 says:

    Is this stuff real? Is Banner Brokers BBB? accredited???

  6. Marco Martins says:

    hey she dont buy the trafic to? qualifie the panels?

  7. john smith says:

    Are there any BB members experiencing problem with liquidating their profit? I have STOP putting money into BB until I see some money coming into my account.
    I am really pissed off with BB,? nobody answer your call when you call them, sent out several tickets to “Help” but Alex over there is giving me the runaround, all I suspect delaying tactics. Blaming the victim for their shortfall and inadequacy.
    So far BB hasn’t paid out a single penny!

  8. PipMySuccess says:

    Nice I’ve started making great money and recruiting alot of? people!

  9. 295mfk says:

    What a stupid scam…and even more stupid the people who believe in? this crap…yeah, double your money without doing anything, welcome to Fairy Land!

  10. Akakage Yama says:

    This is? not an investment. You are PURCHASED advertising. Just to be clear. When you purchase advertising your money is GONE. However, you GET the advertising which is very valuable. Then BB goes to work to make sure your ad purchase is profitable. In this way your ad budget can come back to you as a PUBLISHER as well as an advertiser. But, just be clear. This is NOT an investment.

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