Auto Power Blogs review and behind the scenes demo

mcally64.powerblogs.hop.clickbank.net A behind the scenes demonstration of Auto Power Blogs, the newest program from awesome internet marketer Tom Bell. Looking to get into internet marketing or trying to make some money through blogging? Then you need to check out this program, because it doesn’t get any easier than this. Get up to 100 blogs, all with 30 articles filled with unique content and your affiliate links to generate income, all for less than a night at the movies. Want to see the site I just created live? www.InternetIncomeHound.info
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  1. Mcalvideo says:

    @miracle845935 I’ve managed to make a few sales, enough to at least cover the cost of the program so far and without very much promoting.

  2. armandison77 says:

    It’s nice. May I ask: Tom Bell gives here 100 sites. If I avail all 100 sites DO I HAVE TO BUY AND REGISTER 100 DOMAINS TOO? Is it possible that I will only buy 1 domain and all the Auto Power Blogs 100+ can be all in one domain only with all the hosting by Tom Bells hosting site? Please give me some info on this. Thanks.

  3. miracle845935 says:

    have you made any money??

  4. THEentropyMaker says:

    Any sales through your sites yet?

  5. beachtimemarketing says:

    Hey thanks for the response…. Your right a week and a half is not long enough to get stats. I do appreciate you making a video in the members area. I agree about tweaking the post titles as well. Keep me posted on any good progress you have and I’ll buy it from your link if these sites are profitable for you.


  6. Mcalvideo says:

    @beachtimemarketing To be honest, I’ve only started playing with the whole program about a week and a half ago so I don’t have any real stats. I have tried searching for certain keyword phrases from the blog post titles and they do come up in Google…not always first page, but maybe in time. I also plan to tweak my post titles a bit based on some keyword research to make them a bit more unique and SEO friendly. Having instant content to work with is what sold me though.

  7. beachtimemarketing says:

    I am curious how your blogs are doing? Are they ranking? And how much traffic are you seeing from these. Also are these sites actually converting for you. I understand online marketing and I am just curious if you need to do any SEO linking and what not to actually have these blogs found and convert to sales.

    Thank you if you respond to all these questions.


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