As Real As It Gets, Re: $3.5 Million With Google Adsense

www.billmcintosh.com This is a response to all the controversy my last video caused. My earnings are 100% real and I’m not selling a single thing on my website. My web coaching and tips are free. Go there, sign up and ask me any question you have about Internet marketing and I’ll answer them on my site www.billmcintosh.com
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  2. rbasquez873 says:

    hmmm. as a? marketing major, i definitely think advertising is becoming more and more dependent on the internet and its ways of distributing money with google adsense has changed how we advertise the online industry. very good videos, i subscribed and i’m hoping to learn more about Adsense from you in the future! thank you!

  3. SkilledEddie says:

    Not selling anything YET just signup for his newsletter or email list and you WILL be bombarded with sales pitches and emails GUARANTEED.

    The whole email harvesting is what makes these? “marketers” big money. They don’t sell anything to you and just build massive email lists then blast them with spam.

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    I believe you bill? 100% stay positive . thank you

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  13. wenceslao37 says:

    Cool can i make money like? that 3.5 million with google adsense

  14. pusorickful says:

    So..YOu can? make money or not…Pls answer..

  15. KillerVideoReviews says:

    Keep? it up 🙂

  16. carpsk8ter10 says:

    i already have a website? with google adsence
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  18. INTL11 says:

    i don’t? know about the 3.5, he sounds pretty good, but i know one thing for sure, that ain’t his real hair, he’s bald.

  19. RyanCPALeadTutorials says:

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  20. YouDonteverhavetodie says:

    Don’t worry about it Bill. Frustrated haters are everywhere. Thanks for the great info.? Good job, dude!

  21. freemoneynow1 says:

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  22. jackstanden93 says:

    Google adsense never changes much so yes, all google do it bring out new ways to monitor your advertising campaign’s so will still be very similar to that? on other video’s, Bill does a great job in some video’s showing how its all done 🙂

  23. sherd0rDied says:

    Is this info? still relavant? Things change so fast.

  24. shae1521 says:

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  25. jackstanden93 says:

    you cant fake a? google payment, I know this video is old but I would like to say, this guy isn’t a fraud, he is just amazing at his job, that’s what an internet marketer does, but respect him or leave him to it… Just do not poke someone who works very hard, poke at the people who don’t work at all

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