Animoto Tutorial: Video Marketing Tool for Online Businesses

GetCashFreeOnline.com Click the link above to learn about an exciting and profitable opportunity and receive more great marketing tips from experienced online marketers. Subscribe to my video channel and visit my blog to see what else I’m up to JamesBroafoot.com The new Animoto slide creation site animoto.com. provides an easy to use platform to create quick and effective videos and market your business online. I can already see the value in this resource. It took me about ten minutes to create my first video on Animoto. Look out for more videos. Animoto allows you to upload photos and your own music or music from their library. The music is offered by artists that allow their music to be played publicly without a royalty fee. Then there’s a cadre of features as far as what to do with the video. For example, uploading it to Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, your website or blog.I recommend this site to anyone looking to enhance their video making skills and especially for internet marketers. I still recommend simple videos that reveal who you are, but this is just another complement to your arsenal of tools to market on the web. Animoto Press Kit Material: With all that’s possible with TV & film these days, how is it that we are still in the “next slide please” stone age of image presentation? This question prompted the guys at Animoto Productions, a bunch of TV/film producers and techies, to lock themselves in a room and nerd-out. Their mission? To make the type of stuff they


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  1. marketingontheweb1 says:

    Good information. I love? to see what other marketers are learning and teaching!

  2. StockTradingMaster says:

    Awesome video dude?

  3. curtmaly says:

    Great video, I really like what you are doing. I have been checking out your other videos and I had? to place a comment!

  4. AppleBoy153 says:

    on animoto,? make a 30 sec video and get done with it, then export it to youtube, and use keepvid(dot)com and download the youtube video, then you can import it into movie maker, hope I helped.

  5. branstudio says:

    gin blossoms – till i hear it from you (music? video) does this software do that? No photo but video clips?

  6. mambolambo says:


  7. mambolambo says:

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  8. gerryrobert88 says:

    I just bought this. It rocks. Is there any sites that offer? more tutorials? I use it for my site gerryrobert . com

  9. FreeTrafficSystems says:

    Great vid, view my channel and be my friend. Thank you.

    Take care.?

  10. AbunzaGoldMine says:

    Great tutorial James, This is what i have? been looking for! Great job!

  11. kaivin88 says:

    this? helps me alot…

  12. gekkehenkie1991 says:

    this program? is wonderfull you can edit remix share … you can do everyting practicly i like that and ia m going to make my videos with this program for a long while

  13. felixthemaster1 says:

    or you can actually download the? video

  14. felixthemaster1 says:


  15. yyymoi29yyy says:


  16. TheWealthyPromoter says:

    I just started using this software called socialblaster and it has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I see your marketing alot on youtube and wanted to tell you about a technique that automates marketing across 40 + social? networks with multiple accounts, send scheduled text updates with links to 40 social networks on sites like tiwtter and many more. SEO along with social marketing is very powerful stuff.

  17. zorox1999 says:


  18. ChondroBiak says:

    this site is amazing, i used it? for school and got an A

  19. CRUM6178 says:

    Animoto is pretty cool. Just started dabbling with it? today. Use Promo code ebuwgdpz and get $5 off

  20. kidschewabi says:

    but how did you put it on movie maker? im using that camtasia thing

  21. kidschewabi says:

    good? idea thanks

  22. jameswsa says:

    You can make as many free 30-sec segments as you want. Play the video segments and “grab them” or “capture them ” with Camtasia or Cam Studio then import? them to moviemaker and piece them togther as you see fit.



  23. kidschewabi says:

    is there a way i can put this on videos i make such as saving a copy into my videos and using it for windows movie maker because i dont want to pay for? making a full length video

  24. raveefghg says:

    Nice Video. Check out TubeViews (dotnet) If you need your video exposed,? It has really helped me a bunch. Be blessed!

    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!

  25. Locosss7 says:

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