An introduction to Marketing

Unlike in large businesses, small businesses combine selling and marketing as one unit as they do many aspects of the same job. In this video we define it, highlight its importance to building top line revenue and provide you some low-cost marketing tips and strategies. Marketing is defined as “your business communicating to your target market”. Know your target and be a niche marketer. By being very focused and specific, you can target your marketing and reduce your costs dramatically. Marketing is about knowing your target market, what products and services you can offer and whether your target market will accept it or not. A top marketing technique is don’t sell your products, instead be a problem-solver. The role of your business should be to solve other people’s problems. The key to marketing is establishing the problem, then highlight the problem back to your target market and stir them emotionally until they get to the point when they ask “how can you help me?” All of what marketing is, is understanding what your target market needs and positioning it correctly. Listen to what your target market needs. Don’t sell, help people buy.
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  3. AchieversGroup says:

    Hi , this approach is used for? larger companies as a way of grading prodcuts or services based on their evolution and the prioritisation in regards to future resource allocation. A sound approach in theory and works for larger businesses

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    can u explain about BCG (cash cow, star, Question mark….?

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