Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

mattsmarketingblog.com affiliate marketing for dummies|what is affiliate marketing|successful affiliate marketing|learn affiliate marketing Are you ready to learn affiliate marketing dummies? Great! Glad to have you here in this affiliate marketing 101 chat. Today, you’ll learn the hottest way to make money on the internet. Especially for everyone new to online business (and dummies.) You’ll be glad to learn that affiliate marketing is extremely simple and doing it is so easy that a 14 year old girl is making over 00 a month with one website. Her story is amazing, but we’ll get to that in a moment… Back to learning… Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll make money online without a product to sell? More good news! Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity because you don’t need a product to sell. The truth is there are thousands of products created by other people that you can help sell and earn a commission. Plus, there’s not much to it–The process is simple and will only take a couple of minutes to understand. Getting excited yet? Then let’s get on to learning affiliate marketing… What is Affiliate Marketing and how would you define it? As you already know, affiliate marketing is a way to make money online. To start, you’ll signup to sell a product or service online. Let’s use the 5 star SiteSell affiliate program as an example. But you don’t really have to “sell” anything. All you do is send visitors to the SiteSell website where people buy the product. When you
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