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  1. MixerWitantoCom says:

    this is great~ thx?

  2. BrittMalka says:

    I tried to find this article on Ezine Articles,? but it wasn’t there. How come?

  3. WebsiteTrafficz says:

    wow… great? great great!

  4. mostradicalmanever says:

    Cool! “People helping People! ?

  5. skibbz08 says:

    submit your articles watch? your traffic grow lucrativearticles-com

  6. rofryd says:

    thanks i can shared in? friends

  7. fyniss says:

    I mainly use article marketing to drive traffic to my blog and i totally agree with you. But today i have learnt some VERY? important and i will implement it in article right away.


  8. ebayer201 says:

    Wow!? Some great information, I took notes! I paid for stuff that wasn’t even close to this! I can’t believe it’s free. Thanks!


    Thanks Omar informative,? I like that Slogan ” people helping people”


  10. rofryd says:

    i like this vedio? thanks for you give this vedio

  11. RetireAfterCollege says:

    I must say you’re vids are pretty cool? too.


  12. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hi RetireAfterCollege

    I always enjoy watching your videos and I will be back again to watch more soon as they really are of top quality.

    Cheers to? your success.

    Mark McCulloch

  13. RetireAfterCollege says:

    very true my friend….

    I do put in other directories now? as well.


  14. RetireAfterCollege says:

    Heck yeah! That is why I use it. But you need to not reduce quality for quantity.? If you try to write tons of articles with it at a time, some article directories will think the quality is low.

    Do it at a comfortable pace.

  15. RetireAfterCollege says:


  16. RetireAfterCollege says:

    Thanks dude! I will? be making a bunch more

  17. frankfurness says:

    Great stuff,? as usual, very valuabe tip

  18. FreeTrafficSystems says:

    Great vid, view my channel and? be my friend. Thank you.

    Take care.

  19. iJohnTV says:

    regarding ezine and article marketing, this is the best video i’ve seen yet. Love? your domain name too. 5 star.

  20. sarahince27 says:

    Are you able to churn our articles much faster when you speak rather than typing with that software? I type fast but my wrists start to hurt after? a while. Does it take a while to get used to?

  21. RetireAfterCollege says:

    hey man! Glad you liked the video man. There will be many more coming, I just been a bit busy with some team projects that I got going on with my company…but be on the look out. O yea…I know what you mean? about the high priced products..pff 😉


    Omar love? your videos. I have to say the content you provide is better than some of the high priced products out there.

  23. spriggs1665 says:

    why only ezine articles? Ex. you can write one article 3 times. the top 10 articles sites. so basically you would have 2500 backlinks versus the 250. infact you now have 575 from ezinearticles only.? 575*10 less work same results.

  24. Earn7KaWeek says:

    Awesome Video

    Fantastic? Content

    Keep sharing!

  25. kazookz says:

    hey can i have your email so i can ask u few? things private thanks

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