AdGoggle – The Interest Graph Ad Network

Sign up at: www.adgoggle.com AdGoggle is a mobile app that displays targeted and interest matching mobile ads that users want, engage with, and spread virally, while paying users multi-tiered passive and recurring monthly income. The AdGoggle interest graph ad network disrupts the existing models of Internet and mobile advertising. With AdGoggle, the user and their social networks are transformed into and interest graph media that enables them to receive advertisements they want, while allowing advertisers to accurately reach their target audience. Sign up at www.adgoggle.com Facebook www.facebook.com


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  1. Annang Arum Widiantoro says:

    is it will be an android app? or just mobile? browser add-on?

  2. kayla006ful says:

    did it? launch yet

  3. djimpacto says:

    pre-launch.? tk

  4. AdGoggle says:

    Any phone with a web browser and? internet access will work. I can’t confirm specifically on the Corby.

  5. AdGoggle says:

    You will need a mobile device because we will be showing you mobile ads. Unfortunately you will NOT be able to access the app on a computer.?

  6. AdGoggle says:

    Good stuff Gregory!?

  7. AdGoggle says:

    We have yet to confirm this. It could be anything from USD10-50 minimum? payout.

  8. AdGoggle says:

    We are still developing the mobile app. It will be ready in 2-3 months time. It is taking a bit longer than expected. In the meantime, you can invite your friends to build? your AdGoggle network so that you will be ready when we launch.

  9. AdGoggle says:

    Yes, you can use any phone that has an internet browser. It does NOT? have to be an iPhone.

  10. Da Moobs says:

    it is alright even your phone is not Apple product? bec. my phone is Nokia C6. 🙂 I hope my phone can use this app.?

  11. TheEdoremifasol says:

    is? it safe?

  12. Rajanikanta Subudhi says:

    It is Worth watching the Video.

  13. exerkon says:

    how can i use it.. Where i can download mobile app? ? 🙂 please

  14. Sandra Logan says:

    what will? the payout min be?

  15. Michael Nadela says:

    I want? to dl this video for me to be able to advertise please teach me how ad goggle.

  16. Gregory Musantry says:

    Iw as? able to work around the Facebook Block and I shared how on my blog whoisgregory . com

  17. Gigabyte Gamers says:

    Will this just be for mobile devices or can? it be down via computer?

  18. caryle19 says:

    how about Samsung Corby Wifi? (S3653w)?? is it ok??

  19. Carl Galang says:


  20. Carl Galang says:


  21. AdGoggle says:

    Initially, we will only be able to pay your using Paypal. But later, we will add? in other payment methods like Bank Checks and Direct Bank Transfers.

  22. AdGoggle says:

    Just go to adgoggle. com,? and signin using Facebook login to pre-register.

  23. AdGoggle says:

    You can signin for the pre-registration now using a laptop. But later after we? launch, you will need a mobile phone that can access the Internet to use the app. An? iPad or Tablet is also alright.

  24. AdGoggle says:

    We have yet to confirm the number of ads per day. But it won’t be? unlimited.

  25. AdGoggle says:

    Yes, Samsung? Galazy Y is alright.

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