Add Facebook Friends in Skype

You can easily import your Facebook friends into your skype contact list! See how in this video! For more great tips and training, visit, melissaannmitchell.com
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  1. TheIc3z says:

    how do you add skype freinds onto facebook??

  2. Janbaets says:

    pls somone can help me i want to transfer my skype friends to facebook i did 1 time so i know its possible but i dont? know how Helpppppp pls

  3. Mr96akmal says:


  4. XxItunesMusicZonexX says:

    HAHA ! SUCKS FOR YOU? ! LOL ! jaaykaay ! xD

  5. StefanOstojic says:

    how did you recorded the? screen?

  6. oufcullen93 says:

    thanks a? lot

  7. jimmy0yousef says:

    thank? u 🙂

  8. mmitche2008 says:

    you are? welcome

  9. mmitche2008 says:


  10. magna200 says:

    thank? you

  11. zr0hero83 says:


  12. TMFvisuals says:

    this? doenst work on mac

  13. mmitche2008 says:

    I will try? to get one up for everyone today. 🙂

  14. NCo254TA says:

    when might that video possibly? be up?

  15. mmitche2008 says:

    @NoobFactor You? are welcome!

  16. mmitche2008 says:

    You are? welcome!

  17. mmitche2008 says:

    I have a newer? version already. I will do another video again using the new version. 🙂

  18. stuntdown324 says:

    u need a newer version of? skype

  19. ntwstn says:

    does it work on mac?

  20. alpreston133 says:

    Skype doesn’t show the same menu bar? here; It seems the menus you’re clicking on don’t exist on all current versions of Skype. Is there another way to import contacts?

  21. TheLovergyal22 says:

    oh my..? your the best thanks alot it really help me 😛

  22. Pictoron says:

    very helpful thank you ?

  23. dhaley6 says:

    When I click on import contacts, that window pops? up but it just keeps loading??? Like forever. What’s wrong?

  24. XxXdragurlifeXxX says:

    I’ve got? no Facebook option ):

  25. mmitche2008 says:


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