A More Beautiful Web is… Internet Explorer TV Commercial

More Info: www.favbrowser.com Song: Too Close, by Alex Clare www.alexclare.com Video by Keith Rivers www.keithriversfilms.com Download Internet Explorer 9 at http
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. cocacola443 says:

    “people gotta stop talking about? IE i mean they are like the ancestors of todays explorers, they may not be at their best but? experienced”

    I have a really experienced copy of MS-DOS v3.1 I’ll sell ya…

  2. 11IRON111 says:

    i bet? the highest thing searched on bing is google

  3. Jason FAUVEL says:

    Alex Clare, the only positive point? of IE

  4. geraldnlang says:

    to be fair, ie10 is not as bad as ie used to? be, but it’s still nothing compared to other fast-developing modern browsers.

  5. geraldnlang says:

    it’s not just about speed. it’s about quality of experience. ie? still sucks.

  6. williawesome says:

    like if you watched for the song

  7. Mirza Mujkanovic says:

    i’ve been testing chrome,firefox,IE10(windows8)
    and firefox was the slowest(v16.0.2.)
    chrome (23.0.0)
    IE10/windows 8 =IE? won it by about 0,23 milisec faster but i dont hink that its good i think that chrome and firefox are better

  8. kerri johnson says:

    people gotta stop talking about IE i mean they are like the ancestors of todays explorers, they may not be? at their best but experienced
    just saying.

  9. 8Keep says:

    I like how? everything advertised in this video has absolutely nothing to do with how good a browser is.

  10. TheBlooglet says:

    Is this uploader getting ad revenue from Internet Explorer ads they didn’t? make?

  11. hollyditway says:

    just kiddin if u every see this arial? harris na na ana from ur friend and u now my name

  12. hollyditway says:

    justin biebier is? gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. Slozaq says:

    IE9 is not that? bad… but I still prefer chrome and firefox

  14. Víctor Pereira says:

    How about? no?

  15. DovahkinFusRoDah says:

    NIce try? IE, nice try….

  16. WeeklyChalenges says:

    Its all? lies!

  17. awesomekid9911 says:

    “IE9? will change the web forever” Said no one ever.

  18. LolBroccoli says:

    I personally like mozilla firefox the best. Some might argue that chrome is better but we can all agree that IE is the? worst of them

  19. wagner55 says:

    IE= Justin Beiber? nugh said

  20. patslam88 says:

    Everyone knows? chrome is better.

  21. skyasia wright says:

    This song? is so blood

  22. ladygaga123459 says:

    Came here to see Iron man.? He could get me to do anything XD

  23. rjohn1954 says:

    Does nobody find it sad that they? advertise for the default browser of their own OS……

  24. Brett Fyfe says:

    You can use whatever browser you? want, it’s cool with me, but you can’t say you hate IE unless you’ve tried IE9. It’s actually a really good browser

  25. DamienDarksideBlog says:

    Chrome FTW

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