A Demo of Linkr — The Advanced Link Building Services Platform

This is a demo of Linkr, Sorezki’s advanced link building services platform. Linkr offers high quality blog comment links, Q&A links, forum links, directory submissions, bookmark links and more. All Linkr links are built by in-house trained and certified link builders who love what they do. Also, all links are placed on relevant and trustworthy pages and are highly credible. To get an invite and get started go to linkr.sorezki.com Happy linking!
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  1. DanaSorezki says:

    Hi Marvin,
    Article submissions are not a part of Linkrβ„’ but we do offer them as part of our Custom Tailored SEO solutions. You can? find out more at: sorezki.com/solutions/custom-tailored.

  2. DanaSorezki says:

    Hi Mark,
    Prices are? fixed, but there are significant deposit bonuses in the form of extra link building credit with most of the payment packages. You can find out more details at linkr.sorezki.com.

  3. MarkRusso9948 says:

    Can? I get some discount on a bulk order?

  4. DianneIverson6905 says:

    I have used it for many websites? of mine and so far Google is not troubling. Results are much better than what I expected.

  5. EdwardFerris2917 says:

    I am very happy with the SEO they done for my? blog. Recommended!

  6. StewartCarson9887 says:

    Very happy with the results πŸ™‚ Will definitely order more? from you.

  7. SeanMiller3100 says:

    They? also give 30 days warranty? That really cool

  8. OmarCaldwell30 says:

    I love the 30 days warranty concept.? sounds promising. will try. thanks!

  9. ScottLong37 says:

    SEO? at it’s best. Yummm….

  10. BernardAustinfd says:

    liiiike!? :]

  11. TerriDouglasse says:

    What? about social links? twitter/facebook? can’t wait to test this!

  12. MarvinChastain4982 says:

    Do you? offer article submissions as well ?

  13. MarkAvila6292 says:

    I? ordered a few links..Waiting for the Reports πŸ™‚

  14. AlyssaNicholspp says:

    It reminds the old Google Analytics interface which is? gr8 because It’s a familiar UI

  15. MarjorieMurphy84 says:

    Sent an? invite request. How long before approved? I want in~! πŸ™‚

  16. DanielOrtiz9307 says:

    I am going to use this wonderful tool for many micro websites of? mine πŸ™‚

  17. Marvin Rundell says:

    I tried it using the demo login credentials. It looks simple? to use and the price is also worth of PR

  18. JeffFowlernu says:

    I’ve been using your SEO Plus chrome extension for quite some? time now and it has changed my life as an SEO. I’m sure this new service will too! :))

  19. VeraGomezw9 says:

    #omg, where the? heck have you guys been hiding? finding you is a bliss!

  20. DarrelCrawfordaa says:

    I? see you outline follow/nofollow links. that’s nice. can one choose? altogether- looks awesome! will try for sure.

  21. BobNoureldein says:

    This information was very helpful I just started with it and I love it this info will help alot? with getting better backlinks

    ~? Great Work

  22. Khaled Mohamed says:

    loved this demo video <3 i will give it a? go now !!!

  23. TMamamsa says:

    I’m? using it the same way for my sites – it works like a charm! ?

  24. Sara Kero says:

    awesome it’s? simple and easy to use i recommend ! <3

  25. Khaled El-Masry says:

    Great Video?

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