$100 Startup Interview with Chris Guillebeau

thinktraffic.net Corbett Barr sits down to chat with Chris Guillebeau, author of The 0 Startup & The Art of Non-Conformity. They review the “passion-based business” model and whether or not it can work for you.
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  1. Elizabeth Cottrell says:

    Excellent video – Chris’s book is a value-packed read with a great
    combination of big picture thinking and specific tips and tricks.
    Thank you for giving even more insight into the author and his

    I have never done a recorded interview, but would like to learn. What
    platform/program did you? use for this one? Video and audio are both

  2. me1we1 says:

    edy pairn? de fuday

  3. potterylady1 says:

    Very? nice vid!!!!!

  4. Sean Mysel says:

    I love the fact he talks about having a way to collect money from sales. Mark Cuban talks ad naseum about this, but it’s crucial to make it easy for customers to? pay you

  5. CJizzleontheBeat says:

    Nice Video? here

  6. WealthCoachingUK says:

    Great advice Corbett and Chris. I just recently set? up a blog to help people wake up to The Job Delusion – how to escape the 9 to 5 and become financially free and made my offering a book of the same title that you can buy on Amazon and iBooks.

  7. ThinkTrafficVideos says:

    Thanks so much Joanna! We appreciate you reading and watching.?

  8. JoannaDeVoe says:

    Yours is one of the FEW newsletters I actually read? & value, Corbett. THANKS for the fantastic interview! GOOD STUFF.

  9. TiredOfTheCube says:

    Great talk. Lots of usable tips in a short time period.? My motivation has been re-invigorated!

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