10 Myths About Blogs – Scott Rosenberg

Complete video at: fora.tv Scott Rosenberg, Salon co-founder and author of Say Everything, gives his list of the top 10 myths about blogging. “I will boil down to you to fewer syllables than a haiku: some bloggers are doing journalism, others aren’t.” —– You’ve heard all the arguments about blogging, pro and con. Blogs are a wondrous innovation, keys that have unlocked a vast treasury of self-expression and allowed underdogs everywhere to challenge giants. No, wait! Blogs are a scourge that is debasing journalism, undermining traditional authority, drowning us all in meaningless chatter, and destroying civilization as we know it. Say Everything chronicles blogging’s unplanned rise and improbable triumph, tracing its impact on politics, business, the media, and our personal lives. What blogging has become, Rosenberg says, is a new kind of public sphere – one in which we can think out loud together. – The Hillside Club Writer, editor and website builder Scott Rosenberg is a cofounder of Salon.com and author of Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4732 Bugs, and One Quest For Transcendent Software. At Salon, Rosenberg served as technology editor and, from 1999 to 2004, as managing editor and vice president for editorial operations. He also started the Salon Blogs program in 2002 and began his own blog as part of it. Before leaving Salon in 2007 to write Say Everything he conceived and prototyped the Open Salon blogging community. Before Salon he wrote on


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  3. SpaceHeaterStudios says:

    I liked the points about blogging is more than just staring at your own page. It is essential to network to find new readers. Blogging is still a social way of putting information out and bloggers need? to be proactive in finding people to read their blogs.

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  5. blackjack117200 says:

    and i notice? how everyone of these aer personal opinions and cannot be backed up by a provable fact or source

  6. QUACKSTATE says:


  7. LPdude1137 says:

    Nice video
    More bloggimg tips and a clearer view to the blog universe

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  9. suzyqqzz says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for this. I needed to? hear it all from someone other than myself.
    susan french

  10. koowley says:

    Great points- Better than great- I laughed hard in GOOD way ? about 1st myth Bolgging is not Journalism

  11. Customblogs says:

    Hi #UN#,? big fan of your vids here 🙂

  12. truth3712 says:

    we? have video blogs

  13. ThePaperboy9 says:

    What the? hell is blogging… lol

  14. Monchanger says:

    Patronising (sic), self-important? comment.

  15. alexmigda says:

    blog these nuts?

  16. garvess says:

    My god,? me too!

  17. billybobby800 says:

    id say? that blogging started with the cave man =D

  18. MagellansUnderwear says:

    the misanthropic bitch was blogging before you could ride? the grown up rides in theme parks.

  19. clivebull1 says:

    Haha, no! I actually agree with most of what he’s saying. I just don’t like his tone! :P?

  20. ZamatoElite says:

    Is someone? here a Newspaper Journalist? 😉

  21. clivebull1 says:

    Patronising, self-important? speech.

  22. ZamatoElite says:

    Good? speech.

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